Mission, Vision and Values


FEC 's mission is to become the leader in the management of sustainability knowledge in general, and in the circular economy in particular, exploiting the technical and scientific superiority gained throughout its trajectory, concerning all social, political, scientific and business agents for a way to be sustainable for society.


FEC is a Foundation of Iberian scope and supranational, plural and independent range, whose activity is focused on projects on circular economy, environmental quality and sustainable development.

Its leadership in its field of activity in the Iberian framework and as a classic and international consultation referee in circular economy and sustainability, confer the Foundation the vocation to generate new knowledge networks and innovative working spaces.

Considered by public institutions, the private sector and society as the only accredited dialogue link in its area of performance, the FEC is geared to be the most effective common encounter point of diverse interests.

Considered in its operating environment as an effective provider of valid and innovative solutions in the field of circular economy and sustainability -thanks to a solid, multidisciplinary outstanding team- aims to create a coherent developed environment and welfare to meet the large and looming environmental challenges of XXI century.


FEC believes strongly in scientific rigor, tolerance, in dialogue, reflection, respect of the environment, teamwork, pluralism and independence.