Position and Resources

The FEC expresses its leading position as a generator of solutions in all areas of sustainability through the following strategic strengths:

Area of work

The Circular Economy Foundation has an extensive operational structure that works in the following territorial frameworks: local, autonomic, governmental, european and worldwide.

FEC conducts its activity in constant collaboration with the public administrations of the geographical frameworks described above.

Plural interlocutor

FEC is well recognized by institutions, businesses, scientific and academic environments and general society, derived from its concerted spirit and strict research rigor.

As an independent interlocutor with various independent actors involved in the circular economy and sustainability of resources, the Foundation considers each position on every issue and develops effective proposals, standing in the common space of those involved and strengthening axioms that are sustained by well-supported arguments.

FEC also promotes transparency and debate´s democratization, becoming a privilege platform for people who want to share their ideas and are not affiliated with any organization, running the risk of seeing their approaches marginalized.

Proof of this, are the more than 2000 speakers who have expressed their opinion and views, and have collaborated in the Foundation´s plural project in the 20 years of history since the creation of CER.

Complicity with the media

FEC has an optimal relationship with the media, through a personalized and dynamic working methodology that simplifies information for their better understanding. Not forgetting specialized media, is the Foundation will to focus in general media, to bring the most appropriate messages to the general public, fundamental purpose of FEC´s reporting tasks.

An International Reference

Working permanently along international institutions such as the European Parliament and Commission, Ministers Council or ECOSOC, FEC is an organization with a transcendence activity, updated, that establishes a practical and constant platform, that overcomes futures solutions.

FEC nourishes strong, frequent and efficient relations with the European Union, working as the preferred contact channel between scientific communities, business sector, and government itself, with the decision-making and political processes in Europe.

FEC is part of the following international organizations (directive level): ACR+ (Association of  Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management ); ORBIT (Organic Recovery and Biological Treatment); IWWG (International Waste Working Group); RRF (Resources and Recovery Forum).

Also, FEC has links and partnerships with prestigious organizations in the most influential international institutes, using their specific knowledge in different areas and working together to carry out large projects with excellent synergies: IFEU (D), Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza (IT), Department of Technology and Commodity Science (Vienna, AU), RESIDUA (GB), CalRecovery (USA), AICA (IT).

Furthermore, besides the above organizations, FEC maintains consolidated relations with other european organizations such as RREUSE, EEB, SARDINIA.

A Business Tool

FEC has been a very useful tool for the industry, as an inexhaustible source of information, understanding its starting point and providing solutions based on eco-efficiency and the proportionality between the measures to be adopted and the pursued environmental objectives.

FEC has always encourage the use of Voluntary Agreements as an efficient tool for the achievement of environmental objectives.

Also, FEC promotes the consolidation of a powerful industrial and economic activity linked to the environment and the pursuit of sustainability.

Mirror of society

FEC also links its activity to economic, social and citizen entities like CEOE, CEPYME, Chambers of Commerce, professional associations, syndicates like UGT and CC.OO, Consumer or Neighborhood Associations, and Ecologists Groups among others, addressing their concerns and opinions.

FEC generates framework agreements to collaborate with social agents, such as the Industrial Engineers of Madrid, Barcelona and Seville professional schools.

Ally of the scientific community

The scientific community has a strong consideration of FEC rigorous activity, formalized through its National and International Committees, that brings together the most reputable personalities of Spain and the world regarding environmental aspects.

From the FEC investigating platform, it is transferred to society the most innovative projects in the field of circular economy and sustainability, and optimal symbiotic relationships are stablished between the Scientific Community, and the Business sector, that otherwise would not occur.

A Unique Organization

All of the above elements give FEC a unique character, as leader organization in its area of performance, representing the plurality of territories, sensibilities and ideas involved in the circular economy and sustainability framework, with wide media consideration and approval of social, business, scientific and institutional agents.

An Independent Structure

The FEC´s Board of members expresses uniqueness through their plurality. Within the entities that collaborate with the Foundation are combined, social, academic, scientific and political sensitivities, overcoming distinctions between each member and focussing on the most rigorous solutions and vanguard sustainability formulas.