Mayordomo De Oro 2014 (Golden Butler 2014) Award

The vast majority of global, Spanish and european population live in very artificial urban environments. Cities are most human being normal habitats, but urban life exerts an unsustainable pressure on the territory surrounding it.

The aim of this award is to foment society’s recognition of people or entities during their lifetime who have contributed tools, knowledge, institutions or any other element that represents an enrichment of the common good in the environmental management world.

The theme is structured around environmental issues and how people or institutions have achieved an improvement in sustainability through their work.

Various Urban Hygiene regulations in Spanish cities from the fifteenth century were enacted by the Catholic Monarchs, being one of the Europe's oldest. Many of these regulations are based on the figure of the “steward” that back then came to be something between the alderman of finance and environment since he was in charge of the cleaning taxes and expenditure execution.  

The intention of the proponents is to open this award to the management of urban environment in general within the Iberian area. Already in 2012 in the city of Córdoba delivery of the first awards were made in its second season. Now third season is open in the city of Valladolid.


Applications must be submitted at the headquarters of the Circular Economy Foundation, in the official email account: