About Us

The Circular Economy Foundation is a private, Iberian ambit, and supranational projection foundation formed by a board composed of professionals of recognized prestige from both public and private. The Foundation collaborates with personalities and world experts, governments, private entities and social agents. The Foundation works in areas related to circular economy, sustainability, resource use and environment. Is currently the undisputed leader in the knowledge of these sectors, extending the work of environmental excellence to Spain and Portugal, Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, Latin America and the island territories of the planet.

FEC (Circular Economy Foundation) is a constant solutions generator for environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability, that effectively works thanks to its operational independence and its innovative spirit. This particular position makes the Foundation a strong interlocutor between administrations, companies, the scientific environment and society, constantly seeking common areas of understanding.

The work of the Foundation emphasizes particularly on improving the quality of life of individuals, optimizing the use of resources and promoting sustainable development of society from the new approach represented by the circular economy. To do so, it uses multidisciplinary experts of the highest level and most advanced technology available, consistent with its technical, scientific, economic and environmental rigor identity signs; pluralism, tolerance, dialogue, thought and independence.

FEC encourages study, reflection, conciliation and action in the scientific, business, social and political communities, in favor of promoting effective implementation of cardinal concepts such as circular economy, sustainability, resources, lifecycle, eco-design, eco-efficiency, cost internalization or citizen participation within the philosophy of European activity already raised in the Seventh Environmental Action Program.

FEC contributes to knowledge and understanding of the use of resources, attending the circumstances of all stakeholders involved, stating new advance views to achieve a model of sustainable development for all.